I have to tell you this that with me things are never straight. It just doesn’t cut it, not even an A line skirt.

And well…haven’t you heard that we will never survive unless we get a little crazy.

So my friend Saylee and I decided to go visit The Kala Ghoda Festival currently on here in Mumbai and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that there were several stores selling Happily Unmarried stuff. I have seen a lot of H.U stuff over the years at several stores, espeically the quaint Bandra ones, but I have to say their phase 2 is definitely on, the stuff they have come out with recently is insane.

I love that their stuff is quirky Indian without being all tourist souvenir and Indophile types. and most importantly its bloody affordable. It makes me want to become a product designer.

If I was the fangirl type [just saying you know] there would be Happily Unmarried paraphernalia all around the house, but if you’ll have read the previous posts-the mother situation should be clear to ya’ll.

Enjoy the goodies though-no charge for seeing.

SQUAT-TOILET ASHTRAY. Mini heart attack. Even if one doesn’t smoke-this is definitely worth a drag.

—If I get the glasses, it’s only fair that you get the drinks.

—- THIS, I am going to buy-definitely.

—Something for your in-laws?

—jab seedhi ungli se wine na nikle? You know what I mean.

You can keep up with their stocks on their Facebook page.

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Any self respecting shoe-lover will tell you.

1-This season we must all own at least ONE pair of Brogues.

2-Its bad manners to stand on your mother’s very expensively upholstered chairs for a photo.

3-Brogues look better while jeans are STILL on.

4-If you don’t have permanent shoe bite marks, you have not fought your battles.

Mom cleaned out her cupboard the other day-look what I ended up with


Among other Pearl-y things a pink lipstick [which of course is NOT vintage this time-but you never know with my mom since she’s a hoarder]-a baby pic of mine doing the monkey face in a net and tulle frock.

These won’t be sour. A sweet little bunch to use as brooches, I thought of silk-only because they are vintage I guess.

Artificial Basra Pearls woven with delicate Meenakari work in a necklace from Jaipur-she NEVER wore this


An American diamond necklace from America that was originally gifted to me that I hated ON SIGHT -but she ALWAYS the smarter one saved this till I grew up and could come to appreciate its delicate-can-be-worn-with-multiple-chains beauty, next to it : the earrings from the Jaipur set.

Well I guess that clears from where I get my Pearl obsession.

What truly inspires, I suppose, the connoisseurs of vintage is not its value due to its age or the old world charm, but that it comes with a back story. A sheer blouse, with the slightest hint of a stain in the corner or a peculiar smell, the slight rusty-greasy feel of an old ring, they all stand to give the testimony of a time when someone else owned it and either experienced the same thing in it as you or the complete opposite.

Maybe it was a lucky shirt gone bad, maybe it was a gift from an ex lover hence the giving away.

I always wonder this, even about 2nd hand books with dedication pages. What drove them to give it away. Personal message and all.

Or maybe I’m just a romantic.

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